Loyalty Card

  • The customer does not recieve a ‘stamp’ on the transaction on which the card was given out.

    The first ‘stamp’ is issued on the customers next transaction.

    The customer must collect six ‘stamps’ before they recieve £5 off on their seventh transaction.

    Customers must sign the back of their loyalty cards.

    Before stamping the loyalty card, the signature must then be checked against a valid Debit or Credit card or form of ID such as Driver’s licence. This is to insure the Loyalty card hasn’t been stolen, found or is being shared with more than one person.

    The customer can use the £5 off on any item in store, including discounted items, excluding Royal Mail 1st and 2nd Class Stamps.

    Only one Loyalty Card can be stamped per transaction and only one £5 off can be redeemed per transaction.

    The £5 off may be used on a transaction under £5, however the remaining amount can not be given as credit, given the monetary equivalent or be used on another transaction.

    Once the six ‘stamps’ have been collected and the £5 off has been used, the Loyalty Card must be taken by a member of staff and the customer may be issued a new Loyalty Card.