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Here's Our Story So Far.....

The People Behind iCandy

Clinton Lewin, Peter Lumsdon and Sheree Schink all used to work at Clinton Cards

He saw an Oportunity

Following Clinton Cards demise in May 2012 Clinton Lewin had some spare time on his hands so instead of sticking with his knitting, he created iCandy Cards & Gifts.

icandy had to be different from his past and offer something more interesting....

it had to have contemporary products, a vibrant, great atmosphere in store together with a hint of tradition and some stunning gifts.

icandy now has it's own unique identity

However, this alone is nothing without a dedicated team of people that love their jobs

Clinton has always been pleased that many of the iCandy workforce were known to him during his Clinton days

First on board with Clinton was Sheree Schink she had known Clinton for 15 years and despite this joined him and his new venture,

second on board came Peter Lumsdon who Clinton had known for 30 plus years and yes, he still joined

This was the start of a very busy period July 2013 to December 2013 icandy added another 8 shops, 4 more in 2014, In 2015 although no new shops were opened, we have relocated 2 and moved into a new office.

Any business, especially if new, needs to be sure of its team, Clinton was pleased that when word emerged that he was starting a new venture lots of enquiries came flooding in, “icandy has a rich knowledge of expertise within its shops, teams of people who love their job and this rubs off onto our customers and creates a great shopping experience” said Clinton Lewin

iCandy has expanded from its first shop in November 2012 to 14 shops throughout Hertfordshire, Essex and Suffolk, Each shop has been hand built and everyone within the company is involved, they also have a new office above their shop in Epping beating the very cramped front room at Clinton Lewin’s home

Shop Online

Shop Online

Meet Some of Our Team

Team Romford

Manager: Lisa

Team Hemel Hempstead

Manager: Julie

Team Hatfield

Manager: Donna

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